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Teach Children How to Show Respect for Their Teachers with this Character Building Activity Kit

This Teaching Students to Show Respect for Teachers Activity Kit combines a Common Core State Standard ELA Writing Lesson with character building activities to achieve an engaging classroom activity that helps students learn how to show and express respect for their teachers.

Benefits of Using This Kit with Children?

Through behavioral learning this activity kit engages students in behaviors of respecting teachers by:

  • Acknowledging the deeds teachers carry out for them and their peers
  • Thanking teachers for the education, guidance and mentoring they provide
  • Presenting teachers with a formal thank you card, written letter and illustration showing their appreciation

What's Included In This Kit:

1. Easy-to-Follow Letter Writing Lesson Plan & Character Education Activity

Showing Respect, Care and Kindness to Teachers

This lesson plan and activity meets the Common Core State Standards for ELA Writing: Production & Distribution of Writing, and helps children develop and improve the character traits of respect, care and kindness.

2. Classroom Greeting Cards Pack: Thank You for Being a Great Teacher (20 Greeting Cards)

Illustrated by Lee Holmes

These specially made cards give students a great canvas for their formal letter of appreciation.

3. Classroom Greeting Card Envelopes (20 Envelopes)

These classic sturdy envelopes are perfect for students' crayon, marker and craft decorations.

The Educational Value this Kit Brings to Children's Lives

This activity kit is:

  • Designed by a teacher who earned a Masters Degree in Childhood Education.
  • Designed to meet the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Writing. Which means children will learn and develop valuable writing and literacy skills.
  • Specifically designed to walk children through the behaviors of showing care, respect and kindness.

Price: (On Sale for a Limited Time)

The price of the kit: Letter Writing Lesson Plan & Character Education Activity, 20 Classroom Greeting Cards and 20 Classroom Envelopes is:

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M.Ed. Instructor Designed

This activity follows Common Core State Standards-based learning:
  • Meets Common Core State Standards ELA Literacy ELA v2.2
  • Showing Care & Kindness
  • Showing Respect
What teachers are saying:

“Thank you, the character activity kit and writing lesson fit right into my curriculum and it was flexible which allowed me to use it in multiple ways. I was able to use it as a respect and kindness character ed. lesson with my small groups and as an English lesson with my whole class.“

- Mrs. Jessica, 4th GRADE TEACHER

“I enjoyed using your character education kits they're kid-friendly, fun, and as a bonus, they coincided with our learning standards. Thank you.“

- Ms. Terry, 4th Grade Teacher

“I found there was more to your activity kits than what I paid for. My students learned valuable life-skilled lessons such as: how to accurately address an envelope and write a letter using the common elements - greeting, body and salutation. It amazed me to discover how many students at varying ages from 1st thru 9th grade didn't know how to write or address an envelope.“

- Mrs. Barbara, Elementary & Middle School Teacher

“This was a great lesson to help reinforce the character values of respect and caring. It was comforting and rewarding to see our students engaged in behaviors of showing respect. My fellow teachers loved receiving the greeting cards and appreciation letters from students.“

- Ms. Tobi, 4th Grade Teacher