About Sweet Sadie Mae | Sweet Sadie Mae ®

Helping children build character through books, standards-based lessons and engaging English Language Arts activities.

About Sweet Sadie Mae ®

About Sweet Sadie Mae

We’re a small education firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina with the goal of helping learners build character. We help learners build character through our standards-based character education activities and engaging stories.

Why Build Character?

The character of our society is defining the destiny of today’s generation and the world. When an individual has character traits like honesty, responsibility, kindness, and the courage to do what’s right, they can live a fulfilled life and positively contribute to the world. This makes the world a better place to live in. 

Our Philosophy for Teaching Character Education

Surround Learners With Character

Our teaching philosophy involves routinely engaging learners with positive examples, tools and experiences that help build character.  

Performing Positive Character Traits

We believe learners should actively perform character education activities that focus on engaging learners in performing positive character traits.

Standards Based Learning

Having good character is important, and it’s equally important for learners to continue to develop necessary skills like English language arts, communications, and creativity. These skills align naturally with showing character.


Engaging fictional characters like Sweet Sadie Mae & Friends, their original stories, non-fiction stories, and informational text can all help learners understand character and properly show character.