Helping children build character through books, standards-based lessons and engaging English Language Arts activities.

Sweet Sadie Mae Character Corner®

The Sweet Sadie Mae Character Corner® is filled with books, stories, facts and biographies, to help young learners develop their CCSS English Language Arts skills, while also teaching positive character traits. [For Ages 5-14]

Rich Content

Common Core Aligned K-8 Stories & Quizzes Created By M.Ed. Teachers

All of our Character Corner content is created by teachers who've earned their masters degrees in Childhood or Early Childhood Education.

Read & Write to Improvement

Help Student Improve Their Character & ELA Skills

We designed the Sweet Sadie Mae Character Corner® to help young learners build the character traits they need to be positive contributors to society. It contains engaging, diverse stories and informational text that helps instill good character traits like honesty, responsibility and kindness. The Character Corner is accessible through modern web browsers and works on all devices: desktop and mobile.

What Teachers Say!

“Thank you for this. I plan to plaster my speech therapy room with them. Or I could rotate them throughout the month. So many possibilities!”

School Therapist

Content Library Apps

6 Content Library Apps to Engage Students with CCSS Aligned Stories, Informational Text, and Quizzes.

SSM Did You Know™
Volumes of diverse people facts to engage learners and spark interests for further research.
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SSM Original Storybooks™
Stories to help learners build positive character traits while reading. These original stories are based on the diverse characters of the Sweet Sadie Mae® world.
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SSM Character Dictionary™
Character trait definitions to help learners understand positive and negative character traits.
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SSM People of Character™
A collection of biographies of people who’ve shown character, and contributed positively to the world. A great tool for finding subjects to research for school projects.
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SSM Character Guides™
Guides to help young learners show positive character traits such as care, kindness, respect and courage.
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SSM What Would You Do?™
Original stories that prompt learners with situations that help build character, and help educators understand how students would handle character challenging scenarios.
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Performance Dashboard Apps

Track Students' Performance Against Standard Aligned Quizzes & Readings with the Performance Dashboard [view dashboard video]

SSM Q&A Responses™
Works with Content Library to prompt learners with questions to help develop language arts skills and build character.

SSM CCSS Q&A Responses™™
Works with Content Library Apps to prompt learners with questions and content to help develop Common Core State Standards language arts skills.

SSM Responses Rating™
The response and rating system lets educators rate learners responses and notes based on their understanding of character and their display of Common Core State Standards skills.

SSM Learning Analytics™
SSM Learning Analytics allows educators to see if learners' responses are displaying Common Core State Standards skills and the understanding of character traits and library content.

SSM Notifiaction System™
Allows educators to track and share learners' learning process and platform activities through email.

SSM Character Achievement Badges™
Adds the ability to let learners earn character trait badges by participation through reading stories, responding to questions and sending greeting cards and notes to other students. Earned badges and participation count towards quarterly rewards and certificates.

SSM Sweet Greetings & Notes™
Sweet Greetings & Notes lets learners show acts of character by creating digital greeting cards, with a note, to other learners in their cohort. It’s a great way for learners to show character.

SSM Rewards Certificate™
SSM Rewards & Certificates generates quarterly paper certificates and rewards for learners based on platform participation, performance, and earned character badges.