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What is Character Education?

What is Character Education?

Simply put character education is the instruction of moral and ethical values. Usually character education is taught to younger children, during the developmental years, to help them understand how they should treat others, and how to deal with the ethical and moral decisions they will encounter throughout their life.

Why is character education important for children?

Character education is important for children, because it helps them grow into morally responsible adults. Like any other learned subject such as math, science and social studies, children need to learn how to properly treat others and make decisions that are morally and ethically correct.

Having great character helps children be kinder, make better choices and develop integrity, self-discipline and responsibility. These are all qualities of a decent contributor to society, which is the goal of character education when taught to children.

Why Good Character is Important for Children to Have?

Good character is important for children because:

  • It allows children to become positive contributors to their communities
  • It makes children feel good about themselves
  • It helps children love others
  • It allows children to be role models of kindness, integrity, respect and responsibility
  • It initiates the pay-it-forward concept

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