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Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month Fact, Michelle Wie | Did You Know Volumes

Did you know at the age of 11 Michelle Wie, an American Golfer, won both the Hawaii State Women’s Stroke Play Championship and the Jennie K. Wilson Women’s Invitational?

Michelle started playing golf when she was 4 years old and continues to play golf as a professional in the LPGA Tour. 

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Women's History Month Fact


Principal Nadia Lopez, Making a Difference at Mott Hall Bridges Academy

Here's a great story about Principal Nadia Lopez, of Mott Hall Bridges Academy. She's making a true difference in the lives of students. 


Dolores Huerta: Civil Rights Activist: Women are Extraordinary: Women’s History Fact

Dolores Huerta, Civil Rights Activist: Women are Extraordinary: Women's History Fact

Did you know in 1965 Dolores Huerta, a civil rights activist and a leader in labor rights, organized a boycott to protest the dangers of pesticides to grape pickers in California?

The boycott resulted in improved wages and conditions for farm workers in the grape industry.

Before Dolores became an activist, she was a grammar school teacher.

Dolores Huerta: Civil Rights Activist


Helen Keller: Author, Women’s Rights Leader, Supporter of People with Disabilities: Women’s History

Helen Keller: Women are Extraordinary: Women's History Fact

Did you know even though Helen Keller was blinded by an illness when she was a child, she grew up to become a best-selling author, a leader in the Women’s Rights Movement, and a supporter for people with disabilities? 

Helen Keller helped the world realize that people with disabilities are intelligent and can make great contributions to society.

Helen Keller: Did You Know Women Are Extraordinary


Women are Extraordinary, Celebrating Women’s History: Women’s History Month Fact 1

Celebrating Women’s History: Women are Extraordinary

Did you know the original idea of celebrating Women’s History was created in 1981 when Congress passed Public Law 97-28., which requested the president to create a week of celebrating Women’s History?   

It wasn’t until one year later that the first celebration of Women’s History took place.

Celebrating Women's History: Women Are Extraordinary Women History Fact